Katarzyna Franczak
Katarzyna is an exceptionally talented young musician and violinist. Her playing has been described as deeply expressive, with the ability to convey the music's utter sincerity and meaning. Katarzyna performs in a highly outstanding manner, with conviction and a demonstration of originality with solid technical control. She demonstrates an exceptional mastery of playing the violin and has a love for a classical repertoire.
Katarzyna aims to teach her students discipline and a strong work ethic. She has an admiration for the beauty of a child’s mind and the unique personalities of children. With a playful flair, Katarzyna motivates pupils to dream big and spread love, acceptance and appreciation. Her private teaching practice is located in South-East London.
Popularising music and art through engaging with the local community or children and young people with creative activities has always been an essential part of Katarzyna’s life. She has shared her love of art and violin education in inspirational monthly articles for The London Violin Institute and joined the Benedetti Foundation as an Ambassador.
The London Violin Institute
Katarzyna is a trained Colourstring teacher; the method was introduced to her by the founder, GezaSzilvay, and The Szilvay Foundation. Recently, she graduated from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance with a Distinction in Master of Music in Violin Performance. After this, Katarzyna was offered the teaching assistant position to Jan Schmolck. Katarzyna would like to thank the Trinity College Scholarship and Ofenheim Scholar for their generous support throughout her studies.
Katarzyna is a violinist with experience teaching one-to-one lessons, small groups, leading workshops, coaching string sections and working with young people of all ages.
Popularising music and art
Katarzyna is passionate about bringing music, and art, to a wider audience and local community.
Katarzyna’s playing is deeply expressive and original. Sensitivity to details allows her to communicate the composer’s intentions.
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